Bibliography of the Literature on Foraminifera
from Japan Published during the Years 1890
to 1989, Including Japanese Workers'
Contributions on Materials Collected
from Elsewhere in the World

Yokichi Takayanagi

(Tohoku Univ. Sci. Rep., 2nd ser. (Geol.), Special Volume, no. 7, P. 1-210, March 30, 1990)





長谷川四郎 熊本大学理学部地球科学教室(2014現在:東北大学) 
石村 豊穂 北海道大学大学院理学研究科(2014現在:茨城高専)

2014.     サーバー移転&再公開
2002.2.25 ホームページ掲載(S. Hasegawa & T. Ishimura)
2000.12.1 データ追加・修正 (S. Hasegawa: Hokkaido Univ.)
1990.3.30 発行 (Y. Takayanagi: Tohoku Univ.)





In celebration of the centenary of foraminiferology in Japan, this bibliography has been compiled to list all the literature on foraminifera from Japan as well as other contributions made by Japanese researchers on materials collected from elsewhere in the world during a 100-year period between 1890 and 1989.

This bibliography contains all the articles written both in the Japanese and non-Japanese languages. For those which were published only in Japanese, their titles are literally translated into English by the compiler to be affixed to the original title of each article. Key words for age and geographic locations (prefecture, island, sea, etc.) are supplemented to each article. Indices for age and geographic location are also given at the end of each bibliographic citation. All these data will be filled in the data base management system of the Tohoku University Computer Center.
The bibliography consists principally of two parts: Paleozoic and post Paleozoic. For the Paleozoic part fusulinacean literature has been compiled by T. Ozawa and his collaborators; most of the bibliographic data of smaller foraminifera have been assembled by Y. Okimura and S. Adachi, independently. The post-Paleozoic part is the work of Y. Takayanagi, with support provided by many Japanese colleagues. As a part of the introductory note of this bibliography, the historical development of foraminiferology in Japan is outlined in prospect and retrospect in order to provide a stepping stone toward the further development of this scientific discipline.


This bibliography could not have been produced without the co-operation of many colleagues of mine, and I am grateful to all those who have helped me at various stages of its preparation. In particular I thank Kunihiro Ishizaki and Tsunemasa Saito for reviewing the manuscript. My sincere thanks are also extended to Shiro Hasegawa who assisted in computer programming the bibliographic data and to Eiko Hasegawa for her thorough and able assistance in bibliographic compilation. Valuable data and information were provided by Shuko Adachi, Naoaki Aoki, Shiro Hasegawa, Akio Hatta, Masako Ibaraki, Noriyuki Ikeya, Ken'ichi Ishii, Yasufumi Ishiwada, Kunio Kaiho, Michio Kato, Hiroshi Kitazato, Kenji Kurihara, Seijuro Maiya, Yasumochi Matoba, Kuniteru Matsumaru, Hiroshi Nishi, Ritsuo Nomura, Motoyoshi Oda, Kimihiko Oki, Yuji Okimura, Tomowo Ozawa, Tsunemasa Saito, Yoshiro Tai, Hiroshi Ujiie, Hisato Yasuda, and Saburo Yoshida.

(Y. Takayanagi, 1990)